The currency circle is on the brink of division

The split of the currency circle was the most serious during the time of Bitcoin’s expansion and fork.

Now, other factors are also causing this effect.

Before listing these factors, look at Trump’s division technique:

Bit Devil V analyzed the recent Bitcoin market, and we can see the meaning of the split:

Okex launched spot big data and found a big secret from the data:

(1) From January 3 to today, Bitcoin has risen from 7670 to a maximum of 8475, and the off-market premium of usdt has continued to decrease, reaching -2.6%, indicating that it is not an off-market fund pull;

(2) Bitfinex’s long leverage was reduced by 13,000 coins, indicating that foreigners are reducing their positions;

(3) And the spot leverage of okex skyrocketed from 1.69 to 6.4, so it was the large domestic households who borrowed the platform’s money to use high leverage or the platform.

It can be seen that the judgments of the big market players in the Chinese and foreign markets on the market are split.

Big Chinese households are very optimistic about the market outlook. The reasons may come from two aspects:

(1) Hong Kong has to license several new exchanges.

(2) There is new news in the regulatory sandbox in Beijing.

In addition, Satoshi Omoto is still working;

Currency circle capital, shunt alliance chain, concept stocks.

The halving of the currency market has suddenly emerged, and the other coins are lying in their nests.

Waiting for the split to make the 2020 big market confusing. Everyone knows that the bull market will come, but tomorrow will be confused.

Tea Cat said: There is no need to make a bottoming stablecoin.

The slow growth of the blockchain community, the application is cool, you have to go through the winter obediently

Money never sleeps — blind speculation, ambush air outlets — rational investment

The bull market is here again 1: It is reliable to store coins, and it is reliable to serve as a reserve

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