Counterfeit To Be Eliminated? Shopify Plugin To Leverage the Blockchain Technology

A plugin developed by a startup based in San Francisco is currently beta-tested and set to be implemented into the Shopify App Store soon.

The startup, “Real Items Foundation”, is leveraging the power of the VeChain blockchain through their so-called “TAM” – Tokenized Asset Manager. This confers their customers the ability to tokenize any product by applying an anti-fraud duo, implicitly a QR code, plus a PIN code. Once the tokenizing procedure is done, the respective product will essentially represent a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the VET blockchain.

The business’ clients will acquire the ability to easily check any of their online purchases’ authenticity by a simple scan of the QR code. Reportedly, that will be both available by using your smartphone’s camera or inside the WeChat app.

Sneak peak of our shopify plugin. Can’t wait to introduce 500k Shopify Stores to Real Items Authenticity and VeChain Blockchain. #noFakes #NFT #shopify #vechain #blockchain It works with #WeChat too

— Real Items Ⓥ (@itemsdapp) January 15, 2020

Creating Blockchain Awareness.

If the San Francisco startup will successfully launch their app, it will be exposed to over 500,000 stores managed using Shopify. From any perspective that is a big database. And if we were to take a conservatory approach and suppose that only 0.10% of them would implement the RIF solution, it would result in over 500 stores providing their clients with 100% verifiable authentic products. Multiply that with an average of 100-1000 customers per month and you’ll get a decent userbase for the NFTs created and implicitly actual interactions with the blockchain technology.

The Team Behind “Real Items Foundation”.

Similarly to most technology startups their team is quite compact having David Menard and Ken Woodruff as chief officers. David is a full stack developer who has also followed the courses of Stanford University, while the latter with a Bachelor’s in Science, has over 8 years experience as a Senior Automation Engineer for Adobe.

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