Ripple: Who has the most XRP?

Who owns the most Ripple XRP cryptocurrencies?

First, it must be said that all existing XRP tokens have been created, which means that no XRP tokens have been mined and no new XRP tokens have been created.

A total of about 100 billion XRP tokens have been created, but currently only less than 44 billion XRP tokens are in circulation. The rest is provided to Ripple at a rate of 1 billion a month, although the company itself does not always use all of them, so some of them can be redistributed into reserves.

Therefore, the largest holder of XRP tokens is Ripple.

So it’s no accident that some of the world’s largest XRP owners, including founders and several executives of the company.

For example, according to Forbes, as of November 2016, Ripple co-founder and former CEO Chris Larsen holds an XRP of just over Rs 5.1 crore , Equivalent to about 1.1 billion US dollars, in addition to holding 17% of the shares in the company itself.

With this tradition, Larson ranked 15th on the Forbes 400 list of rich people in 2017. His wealth is similar to that of former Microsoft CEO and current NBA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer. . However, in 2019, he dropped to No. 388 in this prestigious ranking.

Ripple’s current CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, also owns a lot of XRP, although Forbes doesn’t reveal much. In addition, Garinghouse owns a 6.3% stake in Ripple, and in the 2017 Forbes 400 list, he became the 54th richest person in the United States. In 2019, Garinghouse is no longer on the Forbes 400 list.

Even the co-founder of Ripple Jed McCaleb (now CTO of Stellar) owns a large amount of XRP: in the past, he announced a donation of $ 2 billion to a fund, and in February 2016 he deposited 53 in Ripple Billions of dollars are paid to him every month.

Although there are some statistics that show, for example, that only 14 addresses have XRP over 500 million, there is no other exact information about the large owners of XRP, of which only 6 addresses exceed 1 billion.

However, like other cryptocurrencies, one person may have multiple addresses, so this data cannot be used to assume how many others have a large amount of XRP.

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