Wikileaks: bitcoin and BCH donations grow

According to data from their address, Wikileaks has collected 4,043 bitcoins in donations, an impressive $39 million at current exchange rates. The address is currently empty, the funds appear to have been moved to several other addresses.

The current address through which Wikileaks now receives donations has been changed but the old one is still public on the website and therefore easily traceable thanks to tools like With regards to new addresses for accepting bitcoin donations, Wikileaks has implemented a system which updates the addresses, making it difficult to determine how many new BTC have been collected. shows that the same address also holds 4,024 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is more than $1 million. Most of these BCH were collected thanks to the fork and the fact that in August 2017 a 1:1 airdrop was obtained for all BTC held.

When looking at the 2 BCH addresses reported on Wikileaks, it turns out that there are also another 15,000 BCH received as a donation.

Wikileaks also accepts donations in Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR) and Ethereum (ETH), promising that it will soon accept other cryptocurrencies as well.

The addresses are all public, so it’s easy to see that Wikileaks received 107 LTC (almost $7,000) and 86 ETH (about $19,000).

Unfortunately, all this wealth is not enough to release Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, in prison since last April.

Wikileaks and crypto

Another interesting episode in the Wikileaks story is that in April 2018, Wikileaks declared that it wanted to boycott Coinbase because the exchange had decided that it no longer wanted to be the platform used for crypto payments on Wikileaks Shop.

Wikileaks Shop now accepts many cryptocurrencies including Ripple, Dash, Decred, Beam, TRON and many more through the Coin Payments platform.

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