Giant Stock Exchange Has Determined The Date That Bitcoin Will See $ 350 Thousand Summit! – Generation Y and Gen X, which will take over $ 50 trillion over the next decade, may be the most bullish factor for Bitcoin (BTC). According to a study, this wealth transfer will take BTC beyond $ 400,000.

“The biggest generation of wealth in history
one of his transfers
It can detonate Bitcoin! ”

According to a new report published by Kraken Intelligence, an internal research team of one of the leading Bitcoin and crypto exchanges, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) could rise to $ 350,000 by 2044. The mainstay of this prediction is that the wealth that will fall into the hands of Gen Y and Gen X flow into Bitcoin (BTC).

3 / Here’s a projection showing the estimated flow of assets as the Baby Boom generation declines and transfers its wealth to Gen X and Millennials.

Almost 70% of the total $ 70 trillion transfer will occur in the next 10 years.

– Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) March 25, 2020

As of now, Americans born between 1946 and 1964 control 57 percent of the country’s total wealth. However, generation Y and Gen X are expected to earn about $ 50 trillion in the next two years, which seems to be one of the largest generation wealth transfers in history.

“Generation Y and Gen X have used Bitcoin until 2044.
It can carry beyond 400 thousand dollars! ”

The idea that a good part of this money can be transferred to Bitcoin is not just a desired idea. According to multiple polls, generation Y and Gen X tend to be the most crypto-friendly generation. Blockchain Capital revealed that 42 percent would want to buy BTC in the next five years. The report, published by Kraken Intelligence, states that the figure could be much higher than $ 400,000, as the effects of only American investors are calculated on the BTC price.

9 / The impacts could be big, even if our projections are wrong.

If just 1% of the money inherited by Gen X and millennials is invested in BTC, the price of could grow to $ 70,000 in 2044.

And again, we’re only talking about the U.S. 🚀


– Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) March 25, 2020

However, according to the research, only one percent of all money inherited by Gen Y and Gen X will push Bitcoin to $ 70,000 by 2044, which is the most conservative estimate. As previously reported by cryptocoin, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao estimated that Bitcoin’s market value could easily reach $ 2 trillion. For other critical news about cryptocurrencies, “Death Cross Seen in Bitcoin! Will History Recur? ” You can review our article named.

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