Malicious COVID-19 and Crypto Apps on the Hunt for Your Personal Information. Avoid Identity Theft With These Tips

Alex Dovbnya

These spyware-containing apps have a more nefarious purpose than providing COVID-19 information or crypto cashbacks


Beware of these apps How to get spied on  

Japanese cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has detected a bevy of cryptocurrency and coronavirus applications for Android and iOS that contain spyware.

These being-looking apps are capable of stealing your personal information such as messages, pictures, and device information.       

Beware of these apps 

The Coronavirus Updates app, which is supposed to track the spread of the pandemic, is the doing of cyberespionage group called Project Spy.

The fact that it requests a lot of permissions, including messages, SIM, and WIFI, should be a major red flag that the functionality of the app is not limited to keeping you in the loop on the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Meanwhile, those who downloaded the crypto cashback app called Concipit Shop are getting redirected to a scammy-looking website that is blocked by antivirus software. 

How to get spied on  

In order to prevent identity theft, you need to follow a couple simple rules: 

Come up with different passwords for each of your apps;
Always read reviews of the apps that you want to download; 
Double-check any app that you download from the Google PlayStore/App Store before granting it permission: 
Never share any sensitive information. 

Apart from bogus apps, beware of phishing and blackmail apps that are also on the rise during the pandemic. 

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