Brave desktop users can now gain access to Gemini trading widget

Brave browser has announced that users of the app can now trade their BAT tokens on the newly embedded Gemini trading widget.

According to Brave, this move was made to help their clients trade tokens using the privacy-focused browser. However, the move is not for all their customers as they have made it clear that the Gemini trading widget is a feature for only desktop browser users. 

This new development is coming on the back of the new deal reached between both firms as it was agreed in the signed documents. With this move, users and holders of digital assets would carry out their crypto activities with utmost privacy.

Desktop browsers only will benefit from this development

The new Gemini trading widget will be accessible to the browsing app users as it is already embedded in the new tab page of the browser. If the clients use this new feature, they will be able to trade in all the digital assets present on the Gemini exchange. 

Furthermore, users would be able to carry out all account-related activities on the Brave browser, which means they would not need to switch between tabs to access account information. Presently, Gemini supports a whole list of top coins according to market capitalization.

Brave strengthening bonds with crypto outfit after integration of Gemini trading widget

Coming alongside the new Gemini trading widget is a feature created by Brave to allow verified content creators to keep their earned tokens in a wallet. This new development means that brave content creators can now keep rewards in the Gemini wallet instead of the Brave wallet. 

Furthermore, users can now pay content creators on diverse digital assets instead of the familiar BAT that has been used for payment. This move buttresses the fact that Brave is strengthening its bond in the digital assets market with these partnerships. Recall that Brave announced that it had already integrated the Binance trading widget into its browser sometimes last year.

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