Ripple purchased $45.55 million in XRP for the first time in the third quarter, and net sales increased by approximately 10% from the previous quarter

Ripple released the XRP market report for the third quarter of 2020. The main points are as follows: 1. The net sales of XRP in the third quarter reached 35.84 million US dollars, an increase of about 10% from the previous quarter; 2. The first purchase of XRP worth about 45.55 million US dollars in the third quarter 3. In the third quarter, the average daily transaction volume of XRP reported by CCTT was US$40358 million, compared with US$196.8 million in the second quarter, which doubled the previous quarter; 4. In the third quarter, 3 billion XRP was released from custody again (monthly 1 billion), of which 2.4 billion XRP is returned to custody. In addition, Ripple may continue to purchase XRP to support the newly launched credit line “Line of Credit” and other products, which are still in the testing phase. The chain notes that in early October, Ripple launched a beta version of the credit line product “Line of Credit”, which will provide XRP liquidity loans on demand for customers using on-demand liquidity (ODL) on RippleNet.

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