“U.S. retail investor sentiment” led to short-term surges in some currencies

According to the news of the chain, the Twitter account @CryptoBull2020 posted in the early morning: “At 8:30 am, Monday, February 1, US Eastern Time, 60,000 people plan to buy and hold XRP; the group already has 60,000 people. In the past 90 minutes, 10,000 new members have been added.” CryptoBull2020 added that the target price of XRP is 1 USDT, followed by a number of tweets about the rise of XRP. The account currently has 31,300 followers.

In terms of market conditions, XRP rose to above 0.51 USDT overnight, hitting a new high in the past 1 month, and is now hovering around 0.4342 USDT. Recently affected by the “US retail investor sentiment”, some currencies have seen skyrocketing prices for a short period of time, but it remains to be seen whether the market can continue. Most of the news does not come from official related news. The “hype” component is not ruled out. The market is volatile. Wen reminded investors to pay attention to risk control.

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