Dede Index market monitoring, BTC short-term rises above US$47,200

[Chain De De Broadcasting]Chain De De (WeChat ID: ChainDD) February 23, according to the market monitoring of Chain De De, the current price of De De Index-BTC is USD 47,200.48, a 24-hour drop of 11.75%, and a short-term rise above USD 47,200 , The price changes greatly, please pay close attention to the market trend. The “DDCI” (DDCI) is launched by LDD, which integrates the in-depth data market index of the world’s top 50 exchanges and top 50 currencies. “Dede Index” is currently divided into composite index, BTC index and ETH index. It will reflect the trend of the global digital currency market within a certain period of time, predict and have an impact on the investment behavior in the next 24 hours, and can view the market situation in real-time in the Chainde App.

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