Vitalik Buterin Ethereum (ETH) on Quick and Dirty Things and Public Feedback

In the Lex Fridman interview when asked to Vitalik:  Charles Hoskinson, someone you have worked with in the early days of Ethereum.  There appears to be outsider view to have been a bit of a falling out.  Is there a positive human story to be told about why you two parted ways?

Vitalik:  I kind of want to let the various books of Ethereum speak for themselves, but I feel since that time I think Charles has clearly progressed and matured in a lot of ways and people who follow Charles closely have definitely told me that the 2021 Charles is very different from the 2014 Charles. And, in turn 2021 Vitalik is in turn different from 2014 Vitalik as well.

When Fridman told I am kind of interested to follow how the 2030 and 2040 Charles and Vitalik look as well.

Vitalik:  It is just going to be one of those things like everyone comes full circle and Vitalik and Charles are best friends, but some kind of reminiscent ways that puts some of the tension of the past behind. Vitalik stated I think that such things are possible. I think people definitely have the right to strive and constantly reinvent themselves.

Is there something to say – your thoughts about Cardano Project that Charles Hoskinson leads? They have worked on some interesting ideas that – Proof of Stake, working on smart contracts and all those kinds of things. Is there something positive inspiring.  Are they a competitor? Is it a complementary technology?

There is definitely interesting ideas in there. Cardano takes a kind of a different approach to Ethereum in that they really emphasize having academic proofs for everything. Whereas Ethereum tends to be more heuristic arguments in part – because it is trying to do more faster, but there is definitely interesting things that come out of IOHK research.

Lex Fridman When Asked:  Can you comment on that idea – I sort of having a foot in research kind of enjoy Charles’ emphasis on papers and deep academic rigor– is there what is the role of deep research rigor in the world of cryptocurrency?

Interesting, I am actually that kind of person who believes deep and rigorous is overrated, because in terms of why protocols fail, I think the number of failures that are outside the model is even bigger than the failure that is inside the model.

Vitalik also stated it is great to have different ecosystems that have different attitudes for things. He pointed to how sometimes you have to do both kinds of analysis in stages where you want to do more quick and dirty things and even want public feedback on dirty stuff and later on you formalize it more and then you get more feedback.

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