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Digital skills are becoming critical in the current world. Everyone is looking to go the digital way to remain useful at a time when technology is powering a majority of the industries. Furthermore, COVID-19 displaced millions of workers around the world.

The emerging topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and computer programming are now proving to be the top online courses taken by Indians. Based on a report published by online learning platform Coursera, nearly 10.6 million Indians have registered on the platform up to today.

Only the United States has more people registered for these online courses. The findings of this report come at a time when online learning has taken over space previously occupied by traditional classroom lessons. The other popular courses include Internet of Things, Javascript, Web Development, Blockchain, and C Programming.

The edtech company said in the ‘Global Skills Report 2021’ that the courses are also popular in other nations including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, and China. Nonetheless, India occupied the 67th position among 104 nations in terms of digital skills.

The country ranks ahead of Uzbekistan, Myanmar, and Bhutan. However, it could not match nations like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, showing a lack of digital and data skills.

Digital skills are becoming important currently mainly to remain afloat in a digital-powered world. The pandemic also forced people to work virtually resulting in the uptake of these courses.

India showed just38% proficiency in technology and data science and it fell behind Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The country showed 13% proficiency in computer programming, 25% in data analysis, and 14% in mobile development.

The speed of skills transformation is significantly slower compared to the pace of digital transformation in India. Thus, learners need to invest in technical and soft skills to prepare for jobs in the future digital world, according to this report.

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