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Global multi-asset liquidity provider has launched a new mobile trading app for its trading system, STAR.

The new app has been equipped with several features, including position monitoring and real-time trading.

It also provides execution and order management features, as well as a wide range of notifications and alerts. According to the firm, the new features will enable users to react quickly and effectively to market movements.

Additionally, the STAR mobile app can be used alongside the desktop platform, and available on iOS and Android devices. This gives users more options when using the app to take critical decisions.

The app links to top exchanges in the world

STAR was developed specifically for Sucden Financials’ clients as well as internal execution teams that trade futures and options. The trading system also links and gives alerts from key global exchanges, including the London Metal Exchange, ICE, and CME.

Chief Operating Officer of Sucden Financial, Gavin Parker, stated that the company has made significant investments over the last year. According to him, the goal has always been to deliver innovative solutions and improve efficiencies for its clients.

“STAR is one of our many success stories,” he continued, adding that the entire team is happy with the latest enhancement that will improve user experience. Also, the new features in the app enable users to trade with flexibility wherever they go.

Sucden has a long history in commodity futures and options trading. The company has now become a top multi-asset clearing, execution, and liquidity provider across commodities, fixed income, and FX.

Sucden Financial has a track record of over 4 decades in the industry. Since it was founded in 1973, the company has gone to become a global leader in financial markets. It has received full support from its parent company Sucden while maintaining independence in its daily trading operations.

One of the most advanced solutions

Sucden Financial is headquartered in London, with subsidiaries in New York and Hong Kong, as well as a branch office in Moscow. The company has expanded globally, providing its services across local markets in Europe and Pacific-Asia.

According to the company, the new app will be reliable, user-friendly, and innovative for users looking to stay abreast with market indices.

Earlier in February this year, Sucden Financial partnered with ATEO Finance to integrate advanced clearing features into its platform.

The firm says the new STAR platform will be one of the most advanced solutions ever developed by Sucden.

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