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Global interconnection and data firm Equinix has announced a collaboration with Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC for a project worth $3.9 billion.

According to the announcement, the project, when completed, will bring the total portfolio of the xScale data center to over $6.9 billion.

Also, the completion of the project will expand Equinix’s data center infrastructure to three regions, including the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. The Xscale data centers are present in Sao Paulo and Mexico City while Equinix has the infrastructure in some European cities such as Paris, Milan, London, Frankfurt, as well a Dublin.

Presently, Equinix has over 32 facilities housing more than 220 international data centers across the world.

Equinix has partnered with top data service providers

Chief Executive Officer of Equinix Charles Meyers commented about the partnership, stating how far the company has come. He said that the world’s largest data service providers have partnered with Equinix over the years to leverage its global platform. He said providers such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Amazon web services have all utilized the company’s services to connect to their customers and business partners.

And with the XScale program, it will be possible to expand the hyperscalers’ utility at Equinix while maintaining close communication with an ecosystem of 10,000 customers.

Restructuring in an off-balance sheet model

Equinix stated that the new project will make large deployments possible, which can be structured in an off-balance sheet model. This, according to the company, will help to maintain financial flexibility and stability.

The expectation for the project is high, as xScale’s portfolio of 32 facilities has been projected to generate over 600 megawatts (MW) of power capacity when it is complete.

Hyperscale firms will be able to add core deployments as the capacity of xScale data centers will allow. This will ensure their growth on a single platform, according to the firm.

The project will commence after regulatory approval

Equinix is the undisputable leader in data center sustainability. However, the company is not stopping there, as it hopes to offer additional services and features to its clients.

It has continued to improve in the way it designs, builds, and operates its data centers. Based on the project’s specification, both the new and old xScale data centers will be LEED certified.

The project will be carried out in different stages, but it will commence once the regulatory approval is given.

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