Top 8 potential airdrop projects worthy of attention

As ENS and Paraswap ($PSP) have recently started airdrops of tokens, some people may have begun to actively look for the next airdrop.

Obviously, airdrop is a very speculative activity, which relies on many unknown factors. There is no way to determine whether an airdrop will eventually be carried out, and even if they do, what actions are eligible for the airdrop.

Paraswap’s recent airdrop alienated many real users because they identified and filtered out 20,000 legitimate users from more than 1 million addresses interacting with the protocol.

Nevertheless, we think it is still worth trying.

In this article, we will explore 8 promising upcoming airdrops.

#1 — Metamask


Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet with built-in exchange functions . Users can use their apps to buy, store, send and exchange tokens. As a gateway to the encrypted world, users can connect to various blockchains, interact with dApps, manage their own cryptocurrency, and so on.

Why we think there will be an airdrop: Metamask is used by millions of people around the world. Other cryptocurrency wallets, such as Coin98 and Trust Wallet, have also introduced tokens in the past.

How to potentially airdrop: use the exchange function in Metamask on the supported chain. Note that the Metamask exchange fee is 0.8%.

#2 — Opensea


Opensea is one of the largest trading channels for buying and selling NFTs . We previously described how to use Opensea to buy and sell NFTs.

We think there will be a reason for the airdrop: NFT markets like Rarible also have tokens. Opensea of investment could quit in the future, we believe that the airdrop dApp of Web 3.0 makes the most sense.

How to potentially cultivate airdrops: On Opensea, buy and sell NFTs on all the blockchains where they are located. We believe that airdrops will depend on transaction volume and whether users are buyers, sellers or both.

#3 — Rabbithole


Rabbithole allows users to earn cryptocurrency by becoming early adopters of new projects and earn cryptocurrency as a reward. For projects, they can attract new users and pledgers, and distribute tokens through proof of use.

Reason: We believe that Rabbithole has penetrated into the DeFi field and will eventually reward its users and early adopters.

How to potentially airdrop: Complete some tasks and upgrade some skills at Rabbithole. We believe that user experience in Rabbithole will affect the number of airdrops.

#4 — Zapper


Zapper is a dApp for DeFi portfolio management. You can manage your DeFi portfolio from a single place, including tracking assets and debts, and directly investing in liquidity pools and savings platforms. It supports multiple blockchains and hundreds of protocols, so users do not need to navigate multiple applications to track their positions.

Why we think there will be airdrops: They introduced game features, missions and NFTs. Although they have no plans for airdrops in the short term, they have plans to use new token models to incentivize the construction and maintenance of front-end applications in the future.

How to potentially cultivate airdrops: use apps, connect wallets, use their apps to exchange and invest, if possible, across multiple blockchains. Accumulate experience points and NFT.

#5 — DeFiSaver


DeFiSaver is a one-stop dashboard for creating, managing and tracking users’ DeFi positions. It allows users to perform certain actions automatically, such as automatically repaying loans below a certain LTV. DeFiSaver also introduces the method of creating custom DeFi, where users can build their own custom templates.

Why we think there will be an airdrop: a large number of users, great and useful products. FuruCombo is similar to DeFiSaver and also has a token.

How to potentially cultivate airdrops: use the app and use it to run automation.

# 6 – Hourglass Finance


Sablier Finance is a real-time payment platform where the sender can send payment from one to the other in real time.

Why we think there will be airdrops: Sablier powers many agreed DAO and investor financing.

How to potentially cultivate airdrops: create a flow of funds and flow funds to others.

#7 — Hop Protocol


Hop protocol supports Hop Exchange-a scalable universal token bridge from Rollup to Rollup. It allows users to send tokens from one Rollup to another almost immediately without having to wait for the challenge period of Rollup.

Why we think there will be airdrops: Other cross-chain bridges have introduced tokens to incentivize liquidity (such as $SYN).

How to potentially cultivate airdrops: Set up tokens between blockchains, provide liquidity to Hop’s liquidity pool, and pledge them.

#8 — Superfluid


Superfluid is a programmable cash flow protocol that allows users to flow funds to others through immediate start, no fixed end date, constant flow, and full gas.

Unlike Sablier, Superfluid does not lock tokens when creating a stream. On the contrary, the user’s assets always exist in his wallet, and if the user’s assets are used up, the flow will be automatically terminated.

Why we think there will be an airdrop: Similar to Sablier, we think Superfluid may introduce tokens in a few months, because more protocols and dDAO require better infrastructure to support paid contributors.

How to potentially cultivate airdrops: Use Superfluid to move money to other people.

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