How to play Axie Infinity (Operation Guide)

game introduction

Axie Infinity is a digital pet development game built on Ethereum. It is a digital pet world inspired by Pokémon. Axie Infinity is a digital pet community that integrates collection, training, breeding, fighting, and social gameplay. It aims to provide people with a new lifestyle and organically integrate work and entertainment. In Axie Infinity, anyone can get token rewards by mastering gameplay and contributing to the game world.

Axie Infinity can be called a “phenomenal existence” in the field of chain games. Since its launch, it has become the industry’s “strongest gold-producing ability and the easiest to make money” project with its outstanding strength and advantages. The “play to earn” mode pioneered by Axie Infintiy has successfully driven the entire encrypted digital game field into a “new chapter.”


How to register for Axie Infinity

Before registering Axie infinity, you need to prepare a mobile phone, a data card and a computer that can be used as a ladder.

Step one, register a wallet.

First enter the Axie Infinity official website, click “More”, select “Getting Started”, and right-click “Translate to Chinese”. Then follow the guidance of the web page to complete two tasks: 1) register for MetMask; 2) register for Ronin wallet.


Note that after completing the registration, do not close the interface, you will continue to operate later.

Step two, quickly check the pet and calculate the relevant budget. It should be noted that buying pets in Axie Infinity requires the use of ETH. If you don’t have ETH on hand, you need to buy it yourself first.

Then go to the trading market to check the relevant pet price and calculate the corresponding ETH required. It is recommended that you novices take more consideration at this time and try to choose pets with higher cost performance. If this step is not well chosen, a lot of time will be lost in the subsequent play.

Step three is to match pets. Axie Infinity requires at least 3 pets for an account. Players can choose according to their own situation and strength. Here, I recommend several more mainstream collocations to everyone: 

Beast + Bird + Plant (Beast + Bird + Plant)

Aquatic + Beast + Plant (aquatic + beast + plant)

Aquatic + Aquatic + Plant (Aquatic + Aquatic + Plant)

Bird + Bird + Plant

After planning the lineup, the player enters the website to visually check the pet score. Click “Finder”, click “Filter”, and select the pet type.


By adjusting the score, players can quickly find pets with high scores, high speed, and high combat effectiveness.

Step four, specifically select pets. When choosing pets, novice players should ensure that each pet has 2 damage cards of 100 or more, and choose 3 or more high-scoring pets from various types. In this process, players should keep the web interface, calculate the price of matching 3 pets, and prepare ETH to purchase pets. When choosing plants, consider how many shields you have, plus whether you have the ability to regenerate blood; when choosing birds and fish, you should focus on speed and attack.



Step five, withdraw ETH.

1) Enter the Little Fox Wallet, select “Ethereum Main Network”, and copy the ETH address.

2) Go back to the exchange wallet, select “Embodiment”, select “Digital HB”, and currency type “ETH”.

3) In the “Withdrawal Address” column, paste the Ethereum address you just copied.

4) In the “Transfer Network” column, select “ERC20” (players must pay attention to this step, do not fill in the error. Once the wrong network is selected, the currency will not be retrieved).

Step six, register an Axie account. Follow the blue prompt on the page, click “set up email & password” to register with your email. Note here: Only accounts registered with email can form a team.

Step 7: Determine whether the previously selected pet has been sold. As mentioned earlier, you need to check the pet’s score before buying a pet. At this point, there will be an unexpected situation: during the first few operations, the pets that have been selected have already been sold.

Therefore, before the player finally decides to pay, he needs to refresh the webpage on the previously left page. After refreshing, if the “buy now” option in the upper right corner is blue, it means that the pet has not been sold, and you can click to buy it directly. Otherwise, you need to choose again.


When you have completed the purchase of 3 pets, you need to wait 3-5 minutes to arrive at the account. Click “My account” in the upper right corner, and click “Inventory” in the account information on the left to check whether the pet has arrived.

Step eight, download the client. 

If you are playing on the computer, you need to click “PLAY NOW” in the upper right corner of the Axie Infinity official website to download the client.


If you are playing on an Android phone, log in to the Axie Infinity website and download the apk. At present, Apple mobile phones cannot play this game smoothly. I believe this problem will be properly resolved after multiple rounds of testing.

After the download is complete, you may not be able to log in (for example, “Please complete recaptcha challenge” as shown in the figure), incomplete display of the game, no signal, and inability to operate, regardless of whether it is a mobile phone or a computer. This is the reason why the wall is not connected properly, which leads to the failure of the verification and interface value. At this time, try to adjust the VPN by switching nodes, reconnecting, and restarting.


Step nine, start teaming up. After the player logs in to the client, before starting to complete the mission, there is another key step, which is to form a team.

1) Add pets to the team: click “TEAMS”-“New team”-click “+” in turn.

2) To form a team: Click “ADVENTURE”, and then click the pet button on the left of “START”.

3) Click the pet, and then click the blank circle to place the pet in the selected position.

4) Click “Save team” to save the team.


One thing to note is that players need to place the plant series with the most blood and shields in the first row as shields.

The main functions of Axie Infinity and two battle modes

In the Axie Infinity game, players can compete with pets (Axie) in the game; they can initiate the transaction of game assets in the market; they can also breed new Axies. It takes a total of 5 days for the newborn pet to reach full body, and then enter the battle.

Axie has 9 categories, each Axie has 6 body parts, 4 skills, and 4 attribute values.

The game provides two types of battles, namely PVE (Adventure Mode) and PVP (Arena).

Adventure mode

In essence, the adventure mode is a normal combat mode. After winning the battle, users will be rewarded with Small Love Potions (SLP) tokens. Users can use these tokens to breed new Axies, and at the same time, they can also be sold on Uniswap (decentralized exchange).

How to get SLP quickly?

Players can obtain a certain amount of SLP after clearing the adventure mode levels.

You can get 75 SLPs on a daily basis (adventure mode can get 50 per day, and 25 after daily missions are completed). It is recommended that novice players who have just started to try to use all their physical strength in Adventure mode (Adventure), upgrade to level 20, with the goal of brushing SLP at level 20.

The higher the level, the more SLP you can get at one time. The specific distribution is as follows:

Level 1-4: 1 SLP

Level 5-9: 2 SLP

Level 10-14: 4 SLP

Level 15-16: 6 SLP

Level 17-20: 6-10 SLP

Level 21-36: 10-20 SLP

It can be seen that the lower the level of the daily adventure mode is, the fewer repeated challenges are required each day. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the combat power brought by the level of pets.

How to improve the level of pets?

Raising the pet level plays a vital role in the subsequent clearance. When necessary, you can refer to the following “small tricks”:

If you can’t beat the 6th level, go back to the 5th level and play repeatedly. You don’t need to start from the 1st level, because after level 1-4 is played once a day, you won’t get SLP again;

If you can’t beat the 8th level, go back to the 7th level and play repeatedly, because in the 7th level, you can get 256 experience points for each win;

If you can’t beat level 12, go back to level 11 and play repeatedly until you run out of energy. Because in level 11, for every win, you can get 344 experience points;

If you can’t beat the 17th level, go back to the 12th level and play repeatedly until you run out of energy. Because in level 12, for every win, you can get 429 experience points.

Arena (PK mode/PVP)

It is recommended that players with higher levels and physical strength choose the PK mode. After the PK wins, they will receive SLP rewards. The specific calculation method is as follows:

Experience value below 800: no SLP;

800-999 experience points: get 1 SLP for each win;

1000-1099 experience points: 3 SLPs for each win;

11000-1299 experience points: 7 SLPs for every game won;

1300-1499 experience points: get 8 SLP for each win;

1500-1799 experience points: get 9 SLP for each win;

1800-1999 experience points: get 10 SLP for every game won;

2000-2199 experience points: get 11 SLP for each win;

2200 experience points and above: get 12 SLP for every round won.

It is worth mentioning that if you are a novice player or are planning to practice a new account, in the real PK mode, you can use the “experience reduction, card segmentation” method to cleverly battle.

If your pet number is “junk” and you have 1200 experience at the beginning, after entering the game, do not choose a card, just click to start, so that you will be killed by the opponent in a minute or so. If you lose several times in a row, your experience will drop to 700. -800. At this point, PK can easily win 5 in a row, which is currently the most time-saving way.

If your pet number is relatively ok and you have 1200 experience at the beginning, after entering the game, you have played 10 and only won one. You can also use the above strategy to play PK around 800.


If your pet number belongs to the old one and wins and loses from time to time, if your pet’s ability is still good or the opponent’s meat shield has too much blood, it is recommended not to choose the first card (because only 3 cards can be selected for the first one) Even if you play, you can’t kill the opponent’s shield). In the second hand, choose 5-6 cards. At this time, calculate the blood of the opponent’s meat shield, and use your biggest card to continuously attack the opponent to kill one of the opponent’s pets.

Cultivate your own Axies

In the Axie Infinity universe, there is also a unique economic opportunity, which is to generate income by breeding Axies.

As players cultivate more and more Axies, they can sell them from their inventory, lend and create an Axie scholarship team (let other players use your Axies in exchange for the non-exploitative share of the SLP they earn) .

The breeding cost of Axies is a fixed fee of US$4 AXS and a variable fee SLP. The exact amount depends on the number of breedings of the participating Axies. For example, breeding two original Axies will cost a fixed cost of $300 SLP, and then increase proportionally as shown in the figure.



How to breed Axies

If you want to breed Axie Infinity according to the quick guide, there is a necessary prerequisite: the necessary assets have been migrated to the Ronin sidechain of Axie Infinity.

Step one, select the Axie you want, click the “breed” button on its profile page, enter the two Axies you want to breed, and then you can start, and then click “Let’s Breed!”



Step 2: At this time, your Ronin wallet will receive a prompt asking you to approve the breeding cost, click “Confirm”.

Step 3: After the transaction is confirmed, a new Axie egg will appear in the inventory.

Step 4. After cultivating Axies and laying eggs, it takes 5 days for them to be ready to morph into a mature state.

After 5 days, go to the inventory in the Axie market and click on the egg of your choice.


Step 5. Click the “Morph to Adult” button on the new Axie profile. Your Ronin browser wallet will prompt you to sign a transaction. Press “Confirm” to complete the signature.

The transformation process takes a few minutes, and then you will have a new adult Axie.

The following are the websites and information that may be used when playing Axie Infinity: 

Since the entire process of installing and playing the Axie Infinity game is carried out under the state of overturning the wall, here are some useful “scientific Internet tools” for players (Friendly reminder: the game requires a stable network environment, so it will cost It is necessary to purchase agency services for a small amount of money)

Rocket TNT:

Maple Leaf Host:



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