Huobi USDT standard perpetual contract will be launched on October 26, the first batch will be launched to support 10 currencies

Huobi USDT sustainable standard contract will be formally launched on October 26, then the user can participate in transactions through the Web API end and end, up to a multiple of 125, on the first line BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, LINK, 10 currencies such as DOT, UNI, FIL, YFI, BNB, and more will be launched in the future. The Huobi USDT standard perpetual contract is a perpetual contract that uses USDT as the guarantee asset and calculates the profit and loss. There is no delivery date, and the user can hold it forever. The settlement is every eight hours. After each settlement, the realized profit and loss and the unrealized profit and loss will be calculated. Go to the user account balance. Users can use the Huobi USDT standard perpetual contract to choose to buy long or sell short to obtain the gains from the rise/fall of the underlying asset price. Chain Wen previously reported that Huobi has launched currency-based delivery contracts, currency-based perpetual contracts, and option contract products. Huobi said that the overall transaction volume of contracts ranked first in the world for the third consecutive quarter.

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