Why would I pass ownership certificate trading on the FTX Tesla

According to Bloomberg, the encryption on currency exchange FTX line Tesla, Amazon and other popular card transaction through equity right. This reminds me of his frustrations Wall Street investment process, let me re-think the value lies encryption currency.


As one of the most active secondary markets in the world, the US stock market contains too many investment and speculation opportunities. Its market size, liquidity, and intraday volatility during trading hours are all significantly ahead of the cryptocurrency market.

US stocks decade long bull may be able to match China’s property market, behind only the productivity of science and technology evolving sign, the Fed continued to expand the epitome of the table. 

This year, the entire stock market and the IPO market is hot for all to see, we should all know that the father shouted “BTC immediately $ 1 million,” the McAfee antivirus often shout single currency lap, but we may not know McAfee’s choice this year IPO instead of ICO. 

Data show that, Robinhood and other brokerage firms in March after the influx of a large number of retail investors younger, and this encryption currency trading world of Millennials have the same purpose. Japanese tens of billions investor CIS once said that where capital flows blindly, it is a good opportunity for profit. 

The “Godfather of Private Equity” Zhao Danyang once expressed a view that investment must first choose the right market and the right country. Dali Ou said, the United States and China are the world’s most dynamic markets. 

US stock market has the world’s best countries listed company, this excellent reflected in two aspects.

First, there are many mature, industry-leading business monopoly power and technology giants, such as we are familiar with Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB) are all in this column. These companies have a long-term upward trend in their stock prices due to their extremely moat and strong cash flow capabilities. 


Amazon listed since May trend line

The second is that there are many rookies in the high-growth industry or next-generation technology companies that are forward-looking, such as the well-known e-commerce Shopify (SHOP), Southeast Asia Sea (SE), and New Energy Tesla (TSLA). 


Monthly trend since Sea’s listing

However, many people may not understand how complicated US stock investment is. From exchange control to overseas brokerage rules, you will find too many obstacles.

Take the author’s own experience as an example. First, you need to convert RMB to USD. You have two barriers in this process. The first barrier is the reason for the exchange; the second barrier is the exchange rate limit.

After into USD, you need to apply for a card in Hong Kong or overseas bank cards, there is probably another 2-3 bridge. For example, you may need to be signed, otherwise you have to buy about 300,000-500,000 RMB financial products.

Of course, you can also entrust an intermediary, but you need to pay an intermediary fee of several thousand yuan. Overseas bank cards generally have expensive account management fees. If you open a card just to invest in US stocks, it is basically equivalent to an additional several hundred yuan per month. 

Wait a minute, this is not over yet, your money has not been remitted to overseas brokers.

When opening an account with an overseas brokerage, you will find “a bunch of obstacles”: 

You speak English well, for example, you want the nation’s largest brokerage TD Ameritrade account, you’ll find categories account more than the kind of mainstream currency.

Secondly, you will find that some brokerages do not support odd-stock trading (only 100 shares can be bought and sold in 1 lot, imagine that there is $400 after Tesla’s 1 split and 5, and Amazon has more than $3,000 for 1 share), and there is a gold threshold. even if there is no threshold into gold, stocks have a provision called “PDT Rules”. 

What is “PDT Rules”? The vernacular is that if your stock assets do not exceed $25,000, your T+0 transactions are strictly limited. If you exceed the limit, your account will be forcibly locked for a period of time, not only unable to trade, but even unable to withdraw cash.

In some small foreign exchange brokers, you can use some methods to simplify the deposit process to trade US stocks, but you will find that these trading platforms based on the legal currency system are often difficult to withdraw. 

What tax, dividend tax like a hodgepodge of issues I will not mention.

Many people don’t know that in the U.S. stock brokerage firms, they charge a fee to see the market . Depending on the market type and market level you need, the monthly fee ranges from a dozen to a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, you can only use 15 minutes delayed data. 

…In the end, you will find that investing in US stocks is not easy. 


We often joked that it only takes three steps to put the elephant in the refrigerator, and it only takes three steps to trade US equity tokens on FTX.

1. Compliance identity FTX KYC2 and CM-E certification: ;

2. USDT recharge or BTC;

3. Click the buy or sell button.

Do not need to open offshore bank accounts, brokerage stocks do not need to start an account, do not need 100 shares 100 shares trading, you do not need to pay for real-time quotes.

There is no limit on the number of times of T+0, no restrictions on pre-market and after-hours trading hours, and no restrictions on the difficulty of withdrawing from legal currency trading platforms.

This is not the most powerful.

On top of that, FTX mixed margin able to do cross-market, cross-border hedging, which is the world’s broker, forex broker, encryption currency exchanges are not done.

What do you mean? 

For example, you find through data analysis that the recent price trend of BTC has a strong correlation with Tesla, but this correlation is manifested in TSLA driving BTC, rather than reverse. Then you can build on FTX a portfolio strategy: Use a USDT margin, short of BTC, while buying TSLA.

Meaning it is extraordinary. We might as well do a thought experiment, suppose FTX platform also has a variety of product categories through certificate trading assets, you can even do a deposit, at the same time do more short gold BTC + + do more VIX + technology to do more short yen + Share similar operations. 

I see some media might wonder FTX the on-line stocks through equity certificate:

A currency exchange encrypted through equity on the line card, is “proper job”?

Tesla and other popular on-line through science and technology equity certificates, whether it is “rub heat”? 

How can FTX compete with traditional brokers and brokers in the equity token trading business? 

It is no exaggeration to say that this is not only not much work, after five years to see the opposite today, you may find that this is the entire financial broker landmark in the history of the day. 

Let us first think about the most primitive question. What can cryptocurrency exchanges rely on for long-term invincibility?

I believe it is neither a pure product, nor a pure technology, or policy support.

If the crypto one day really be like equity, commodity such categories of assets, currency exchange encryption can now compete over IB in product, technology, user, TD Ameritrade, or GAIN Capital Forex do?

Absolutely impossible. Just relying on the powerful trading software and the management system accumulated over the years is enough to get rid of 100 streets. 

Therefore, whether there is a truly innovative trading model may be the most critical point. 

Seeing this, some people may be impatient, and think that this is too much of a topic. FTX will not list a U.S. stock equity pass. Why are you talking about these established brokers and foreign exchange dealers?

it’s not true. In fact, with the gradual transfer of BTC futures contract trading volume to CME, Altcoins trading pairs appear more and more frequently on the trading lists of small foreign exchange traders. This is a problem that the cryptocurrency world has to consider. 

When we are struggling to explore the development of encryption Way of money, often overestimate the value of money in encryption so-called “block chain technology” level, while the undervalued currency encryption purely transactional level.

If we certify all assets such as ETF funds, equity, and commodities, and carry global transactions with the formation of encrypted currencies, this will magnify asset efficiency to the extreme.

We are not sure which Layer 2 technology will become the mainstream of blockchain expansion, but we must be sure that transactions are the core scenario of cryptocurrency. 

Powerful is that Amazon does not say how much the use of “Internet technology”, but did the business logic from the “free flow of goods across borders.” Money is the general equivalent, is specialized commodity, so if there is a currency exchange encryption, enabling cross-border assets can, barrier-free, zero-friction flow freely, then it will be full of meaning era of innovation.

In DeFi vision, there is a very classic slogan called the “bank the unbanked”. 

Cryptocurrency, as a medium, linking all asset classes in the world, may be the best compromise between ideals and reality.

What do you think?

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