Stellar Lumens (XLM) USDC and Uhuru Whatsapp Wallet Giving Power Back to Banks

Stellar Lumens (XLM) retweeted about the Uhuru Whatsapp Wallet which is the digital WhatsApp Wallet for the Afropolitan.  The Wallet have announced that USDC is the digital US dollar issued by regulated financial institutions. This is considered to be a smart way to save. It’s not just saving, but saving in a hard currency.

For clarity, Uhuru Wallet tabs show the following:  Send money, balance and history, Zimbabwe services, Fund Wallet, Withdraw, Airtime, Utilities and Services, Invite friends and win, Nigeria Services, help and settings, Card services, and USDC services.

Using the wallet, users can now buy USDC, sell USDC, USDC balance, send USDC to Uhuru user, receive USDC, and send USDC to stellar address.

However, looking at this, some of the users have to state that this only sends the power back to the banks and on how it is not useful to the people.  They feel that decentralized is the only way.

There is a doubter who stated:  I can’t speak for Stellar, but I do know that Stellar doesn’t have a huge amount of escrow as does Ripple. That’s probably the largest concern of the SEC case IMO.

There is a believer who stated:  Smartlands is a digital platform that makes capital management easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

There is a follower who stated:  I followed Stellar for 4 years and never waivered for a second in my belief that something extraordinary was unfolding before my eyes. So very proud to be living in a time to experience greatness, congrats to Jed McCaleb, Danielle Dixon and the rest of your team.

Someone also pointed to how BTC did not operate at that time to stop the rise of XLM?

The community are able to admire the progress but there are concerns:  This sounds wonderful, but people need to understand this better with XLM Stellar Lumens, or we need more good news soon. They were also wondering as to why the price is going down, and on how do we stop this ridiculous selling and manipulation when Stellar is so amazing?

Irrespective of what people feel about the USDC and the different opportunities the Stellar Leadership is happy about Stellar’s ecosystem and USDC and they are confident that it will be connecting and creating new business opportunities to optimize payments, especially cross-border transactions.

It is the skill level of how developers, businesses, and retail users to ultimately leverage Stellar USDC.

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