If Nakamoto has not been anonymous, will Osho will still jump out of the mouth of the entire BSV?

The leader of the lightning torch, Hodlonaut, said that because of the tweet, "Ao Ben Cong" was not a war of words by Nakamoto. Okamoto was angry and said that he would sue Hodlonaut, and threatened to spend $5,000 to dig up his personal information. Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the Currency Exchange, couldn’t see the eye. The BSV was removed from the currency, and the BSV fell.

01 Why does Nakamoto think about anonymity and disappear?

The monopoly power of currency issuance is self-evident to the country. When the war between the United States and Britain ended, the first and eighth paragraphs of the new constitution were the power to give the US Congress coins.

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