Hangzhou Internet Notary Office listed intellectual property service center, will reduce the cost of rights protection through blockchain technology

On April 24th, the Intellectual Property Service Center of Hangzhou Internet Notary Public Office was officially launched. Xu Xiaowei, the head of Hangzhou Internet Notary Office, attended the unveiling ceremony and delivered a speech. Sun Ge, Secretary General of the Intellectual Property Service Center of Hangzhou Internet Notary Office, released the “Report on the Notarization Service Knowledge of 2017-2019”. On the same day, Zhejiang Digital Qin Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Internet Notary Office reached a strategic cooperation. In the "Hangzhou Internet Notary Public Information Service Platform" jointly established by the two parties, the integration of intellectual property protection services will be carried out in combination with blockchain technology. Cooperate in various fields such as intellectual property protection and electronic evidence custody, use technical power to support copyright protection, improve the efficiency of certification, and reduce the cost of safeguarding rights.

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