Blockchain’s Einstein: An Interview With One of ADN’s Tech Geniuses

ADN is one of the most promising blockchain
ecosystems of today. Introduced as an “Investor-Friendly Cryptocurrency,” ADN
can provide a feasible solution to get rid of all the issues and problems that
have been haunting initial coin offerings (ICOs) since cryptocurrencies went

Yet there are many things that we don’t know
about ADN. Many users are aware that ADN is a unique blockchain ecosystem that
has a built-in ICO wallet. But many are still clueless about its platform,

To get a better sense of this revolutionary
project, we sat down with Tad Einstein, one of the core developers of ADN’s
mainnet. He is the Chief Information Officer of ADN, and he is an esteemed
comrade of Misha Hanin at DeepDive Technology, where Misha is the CEO.


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