Latest Ripple Prediction For 2019: XRP Will Hit $10 In The Next Three Months

At the moment XRP is trading in the green on CoinMarketCap after Bitcoin (BTC) fell and dragged all the coins with it.

Even with the latest decline in the crypto market, the crypto-related predictions seem to be going more and more bullish these days.

As expected, Ripple’s XRP is not an exception, and the continuous bullish predictions trigger massive excitement among the XRP army of fans.

XRP to hit $10 over the next three months

Smartereum says that XRP will hit $10 in the next 90 days.

The online publication writes that Ripple has been really busy bagging partnerships that would lead to an increased number of use cases for XRP.

They write that at the moment, a lot of top banks in the world are recognizing Ripple and its xRapid product that is powered by XRP.

It seems that this protocol that uses XRP as liquidity will eventually be the trigger that boosts the coin after opening the doors to a parabolic bull run for the crypto.

The more people use xRapid’s tech, the more popular Ripple and XRP will become, the higher the demand for the token will be.

They conclude that this is exactly what the XRP army of fans is waiting.

Other XRP-related predictions

Not too long ago, Peter Brandt is predicting that the prices for XRP and LTC are about to surge soon, and this means that now is the time to invest in the digital assets.

Brandt has also pointed the next possible highs for XRP to reach: $0.5688 and $0.6260.

Some rumors regarding the price of Ripple’s digital asset even said that XRP could soon reach $3.3 and a prominent digital asset investor predicted that XRP could hit $589.

As you can see, most predictions are optimistic these days. Ripple and XRP had a great year so far, and it’s definitely exciting to see what’s next for the company and the digital asset.

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