Blockchain in space – NASA studying blockchain for inter-satellite communication

The use of blockchain in space is rising at a fast pace for obvious reasons. Blockchain promises more transparency, security, and speed to various operations undertaken by space agencies. Now, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is working on a blockchain-powered inter-satellite communication system.

Satellites can undertake autonomous communications since the system provides shared-data resources as per respective constellations. The project is named ‘Space Communication Reconstruction and Mapping with Blockchain Ledgering’. The space agency confirmed that a $124,000 grant has been given to Orbit Logic for research into the blockchain-enabled satellite communication mechanism.

NASA pioneering use of blockchain in space

The NASA project will be integrated with the current autonomous planning mechanism of Orbit Logic for seamless communications between various satellites. Asset teaming is a huge component of the system that aims to achieve higher system utilization. The blockchain-powered algorithm will automatically decide the best communication mechanism required to connect with any node.

Communication disruptions will be resolved automatically to prevent any abrupt disconnections. NASA has been working on related blockchain in space technologies. Previously, it built a prototype system powered by blockchain that securely communicates air traffic data.

Global pandemic accelerates blockchain adoption

The unfortunate Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and that includes blockchain as well. From cryptocurrencies to blockchain-powered solutions, there has been a marked increase in the adoption of blockchain technologies in various spheres.

Governments across the world are working to integrate blockchain-powered solutions in their workings on the ground level. Whether it is crypto-related policies or blockchain-based voting mechanisms, the world is welcoming blockchain with open hands.

The use of blockchain in space is certain to help with privacy, transparency, and speed of communications. With the US raising a space force, it is apt to employ blockchain in space for security reasons.

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