All Eyes on Bitcoin as It Leaves $19,000 Behind

Yuri Molchan

The flagship cryptocurrency continues its rally, finally breaks above the $19,000 level, getting closer to its 2017 all-time high

Meeting the expectations of the community, Bitcoin has finally touched the $19,000 level. This happened after BTC has been trading inside the range of $18,700, since Nov. 21, sometimes dropping below $18,000 and then resuming its ascent.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at $19,000 on the Bitstamp exchange, having slightly touched that level a few minutes ago.

Image via TradingView

Bitcoin has been putting up a new rally since Oct. 24, when it exceeded the $12,930 level; it has not been below it since.

The new spike of Bitcoin is likely to driven by PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, who yesterday told CNBC that he believes Bitcoin to be not only an asset class, but also a means of payment for e-commerce.

Recently, Bitcoin pushed higher due to PayPal enabling its customers to acquire Bitcoin, along with other top cryptocurrencies.

In 2021, they will be allowed to purchase goods and services from over 26 million merchants via PayPal and pay with Bitcoin, ETH, BCH, etc.

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