“Blockchain + Credit Card” is already on the road

Abstract: Last month, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has launched a digital credit voucher payment method in Xiong’an, which means that the on-chain credit has been getting closer and closer to us.

Last month, ICBC has launched a digital credit voucher payment method in Xiong’an, which means that the on-chain credit is getting closer and closer to us.

We know that the biggest feature of blockchain technology is that it cannot be tampered with and traceable. For banks, blockchain technology will greatly improve work efficiency and facilitate management. For users, in addition to convenience, on the other hand, information will be More detailed, at a glance, easier to analyze. For example, if you have an overdue record before, when you correct it, you can delete the record within 5 years, but once you are on the chain, the record will never be deleted.

Since all transaction information will be recorded, and the blockchain supports traceability and cannot be tampered with, and the bank will also cooperate with big data companies to expand effective data resources, the bank will be able to analyze each user more comprehensively For an application, the bank also has a more accurate analysis.

In addition to high-quality customers, banks can more fully tap customer base resources. For users with bad credit records, business bidding will become more difficult, such as credit card applications, withdrawals, loans, etc.

Even in the future, uncivilized behavior may also be on the chain, the entire information system will become larger and more perfect, everyone will pay for their behavior to a large extent, so we should better regulate our behavior In dealing with banks, we must pay more attention to our credit and not overdue. Reasonable consumption, reasonable allocation of your assets, in case of overdue risk, you must communicate well with family and friends, borrow money to repay first, it is not possible, you can find the corresponding repayment business platform, as far as possible not to make overdue records on the chain.

This matter is not far away from us. At present, the Bank of Beijing Credit Card Center has taken intelligent risk control as the key direction of risk management, effectively using new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, and continuing to create data model-driven quantitative iterative evolutionary risk control Model, build a full-process intelligent risk control system covering pre-loan, mid-loan, and post-loan, and strictly abide by the bottom line of risk to ensure that no systemic risk occurs.

On the other hand, the proportion of blockchain applications in commercial banks in China has reached 43%. Large commercial banks have launched innovations in blockchain applications, and the country now strongly supports blockchain applications. I believe the day I said will be faster arrival.



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