[De Dewu Quotes]The overall market declines, BTC temporarily quoted at US$17014.11

[Chain De De broadcast]Chain De De (WeChat ID: ChainDD) November 28th, at noon on November 28, the digital currency market went down as a whole, and 13 of the top 20 mainstream currencies in CoinMarketCap trading volume showed a downward trend. The decline range is between 0.04%-1.88%, of which EOS has the largest decline at 1.88%. BTC fluctuated around 17,000 USD in the morning.

The current price of BTC is $17014.11, a decrease of 0.76%;

The current price of ETH is US$514.75, a decrease of 1.12%;

The current price of BCH is US$267.06, a decrease of 0.84%;

EOS is currently at US$2.88, a decrease of 1.88%;

The current price of XRP is $0.556198, an increase of 3.17%.

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