Interview with Ray Sze: “Digital casinos will drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency technology”

“Consumers under the age of 38 know more about gambling and know more about gambling than any of their predecessors,” Ray Sze, director of gaming at, told The Cryptonomist in an interview. He noted that digital casinos are the first choice Platform for young gamblers.

The strong arrival of cryptocurrency is driving the rapid development of the gaming industry and the gaming market. Most large players in the casino industry have decided to place all their bets on digital gaming platforms. However, many companies do this without realizing one key aspect: demographic factors.

Today, the spending habits of young digital users makes it difficult to switch to standard casino models relative to other age groups. In short, Millennials and Generation Z are gambling from a completely different perspective than the previous generation. And casinos will adapt better.

This will be a key market area for digital casino development. In this case, cryptocurrencies are not missed. “The next generation of gamers will be very familiar with the use of virtual and cryptocurrencies,” Sze noted, and he talked about how digital casinos can help drive cryptocurrency adoption.

“The transition from FIFA points to Vbucks to Bitcoin Cash is natural. As more transactions are allowed between fiat and the cryptocurrency world, we expect cryptocurrencies to continue to gain market share in fiat games.”

A digital casino focused on promising gaming industry growth is Bitcoin gaming, which is a Bitcoin-only gaming platform (slots, roulette, classic table games such as blackjack and gaming).

This is where bitcoin is needed exclusively

Sze explained the reasons for the choice and stated:

“Bitcoin is currently the most widely used cryptocurrency. More and more people around the world are using Bitcoin as their preferred method of transaction.”

“The decentralization and transparency of this cryptocurrency is unmatched by any other digital currency in the space. Coupled with the community that supports it, Bitcoin is perfect for a lucrative entertainment industry such as gaming. Token.”

The focus on anonymity, instant recording, and security through blockchain technology has made Bitcoin very popular in the cryptocurrency gaming ecosystem. Just to say, bettors and gamblers earn an average of more than $ 1 million in BTC bonuses per week.

Sze also recalled that Bitcoin prioritizes building loyal and trustworthy communities by creating reward programs and special events, an example of which is the 12-day Bitcoin game for Christmas.

Gen Z, video games and betting are part of daily work

Although bitcoin games are targeted at a wide crowd and welcome players of all generations (“We provide something for everyone,” Sze said), it is clear that since the casino world is traditionally a world of “mature” players The goal is that Millennials and Generation Z represent the audience.

Nearly 91% of young people in Generation Z play video games tirelessly, while 84% of millennials call themselves gamers.

“Today, most young people who have become the major consumer market segments of casinos are encouraged by their digital spending habits.”

People of this age group prefer instant access to video games and gambling via smartphones and the Internet rather than going to a real casino in person. These young people are interested in technological innovation. They seek anonymity and need to meet immediately, which can reduce processing time.

According to the latest survey, the majority of the population sees the cryptocurrency itself as a type of asset and accepts the idea that digital tokens will become a means of buying business for them.

“Cryptocurrency casinos – as managers point out – not only make gambling at your fingertips, but also provide these generations with a faster and more secure way to navigate the world they already call home.”

Interview with Ray Sze: “Digital casinos will promote mass adoption of cryptocurrency technology” first appeared on The Cryptonomist.

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